DiVittorio GunWorks Inc.

Custom Gunsmithing for:
Competitors, Hunters & Marksmen!

Dick DiVittorio has been serving the Central Florida area with quality Gunsmithing since 1997. 

After 15 years as a general Gunsmith Dick has transitioned
into a Custom Shop ONLY.

Starting in 2013 DGW will be operating at a new location with the same attention to detail as before.  Here are the areas of focus:

1. Specializing in 1911 and Double Action Revolver customization and reliability tuning.
2. We are now a Certified Finisher for DuraCoat Firearm Finishes and have been trained at the factory for proper application techniques.
3. We continue to thread bbls for muzzle devices and now blueprint bolt action rifles for improved accuracy.

We will no longer offer general gunsmith services.
Our only services are listed above and look forward to that special project for you.

Email me at OrlandoGunsmith@gmail.com
about your next special project.

As always we support the fine people at East Orange Shooting Sports and encourage you to check them out at www.EastOrangeSS.com
The Friendliest Gun Range in Central Florida!
We are the only CentralĀ FL Installation Center for the
Cominolli Manual Glock Safety!
Dick is a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor and also teaches Competitive Shooting Techniques.
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